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I was happy to be asked by the editor in chief to design the logo and branding for the new printed magazine Actual Size.

A bi-monthly UK woman's magazine in the spirit of Flow magazine, Caboodle or Frankie the logo needed to appeal to this readership. 

I played on the words 'actual size' by choosing a very clean geometric font particularly choosing one with fat circles and slender rectangles. A sans serif font gave the open friendliness with strength. Creativeness and design is again echoed by the almost Bauhaus

simplified geometry and the Scandinavian feel. The colour palette selected needed to appear across the front cover of the magazine but not conflict with any illustration or photograph used. Also with a nod to the hues of Scandinavian design.

The design of the Actual Size Magazine 

e-commerce website is a project I enjoyed. Alongside the branding and the logo along with it's colour scheme worked perfectly.


Actual Size Magazine



Graphic Design.


Website design.

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